The Complete Guide to Expertly Name Your Business + Worksheets & Spreadsheet

Are you frustrated that something as "simple" as a name is holding up your business launch?

A lot of new business (or blog) owners find themselves in the unhappy position of not being able to use their own name for their business or discovering that their first choice is already taken. 

Both situations leave you at square one: racking your brain for that perfect name. After all, what would Apple be without it's name?

If 2018, is your year to start that new business or launch that blog then, download the free guide and follow along as you read this blog post - you’ll be done in no time!

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The 1 Powerful Strategy You Need To Design The Perfect Logo

You wouldn't buy your friend a present without knowing what types of gifts they like, right? At least, I hope not... Unfortunately, designing your logo without a strategy is just like this. 

When taking clients through the design process, I always use this 1 powerful strategy to make sure that their logo will clearly represent their brand to their target audience. 

What's my secret recipe? Follow the link to find out!

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