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what is "strategic branding?"

Strategic branding is a strategic process that I use to create a business's brand visuals (logo, business cards, etc) in a purposeful way to support their marketing goals and clearly communicate their value to their target audience.

The process of strategic branding begins well before I ever sketch out a logo concept. We begin by looking at your industry's environment to understand and pinpoint the problems you solve and the value you provide to narrow down your niche, so that we can purposefully construct your brands visuals to clearly communicate you business's personality, value, and message. 

In a nutshell: Strategic Branding is the "special seasoning" that takes a good business and kicks it up a notch!

Samantha McHone Brand Strategist, Lead Designer & Developer at Tarragon Studios

Samantha McHone

Branding Strategist & Website Designer

why am I so passionate about
Strategic Branding?

Over the last decade my career has bounced around quite a bit. I've worked as the in-house designer for a small business, I've worked for various entrepreneurs to brand their new businesses, and I've done a lot of little design projects for small businesses. I love working the entrepreneurs but I was completely frustrated with many of these jobs. 

Why? Lets back up a bit... I've been an artist since high school, but decided not to go to art-school. Instead, I went to business school and taught myself how to use the design tools. My degree was rather math-heavy (I have a B.S. in Business instead of the typical B.A.) but it instilled in me a love of strategy and research I didn't really know I had. It was incredible to me how the "big companies" had positioned themselves for success from the beginning or had adapted by being mindful of their industry.

Fast forward to today: I was frustrated because many of the entrepreneurs I worked with did not have a strategic reason for the designs they requested. They'd ask for a feather in the design because they liked feathers, not because it would reinforce any particular aspect of their brand message. Sometimes you can get away with haphazard branding but using imagery without purpose is always a missed opportunity to drive your brand message home and position yourself in your consumers mind as the "go to" solution for their problem. I've seen it across industries, product/service offerings, and blogs - no strategy translates to a lack of clarity in branding.

That is why I started Tarragon Studios. My passion is to provide entrepreneurs with a cost-effective means to strategically brand their small business and set themselves up for success. 



Why say "we" when it's just me?  That's an excellent question.

I have my eye on a few talented individuals that I would like to join me at Tarragon Studios. Check back often to see who's joined the team and what new products or services we offer!