The Strategy to Spice Up Your Brand

Website Design

Beautifully designed, strategically constructed websites
built on the flexible Squarespace platform

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Your branded online Presence

The first step toward creating an invaluable website is setting some clear goals and guidelines. Your website is one of the first places prospects will interact with you business, which makes it the perfect place to communicate your brand message and hone your client experience.

Once we’ve established the branding guidelines for your website, we’ll move on to determining the goals, structure, and keywords for your site. Structuring the pages of your website to reflect your goals will keep your website focused and make it more likely that visitors will follow the path you want them to. Constructing your website with specific keywords in mind will help with the Search Engine Optimization of your website and make it easier for prospects to find you.

After putting together your website strategy and gathering all the text and images for your site, I’ll begin building it in Squarespace. More on that later though…

The Website Package Includes:

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Website Design

  • Brand Analysis & Strategy Session

  • Website hierarchy planning

  • Website Questionnaire

  • Website design, built on

  • Galleries, Forms, Social Media Integration

  • Booking services integration

  • Blog ready

  • E-Commerce ready

  • Mobile responsive & thorough testing

  • Basic SEO

  • Domain & Hosting Transfers

  • Tech support & Training after delivery


Add-ons include:

  • Custom images & graphics

  • Animated icons

  • Custom icons

  • Plug-ins, animations, and custom code

  • Ongoing website management

  • Copy-writing

Legal Templates from Attorney Karen Taggart:

  • GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy Template

  • Website Conditions & Terms of Use Template


Starts at $1050+ | 2-3 week timeline | This package is customizable


my top 5 reasons for
choosing Squarespace:

1. Inclusive Plans, Excellent Performance, & Intuitive Structure

Squarespace makes it so easy to get your domain, hosting, and website builder all in one place. It’s as easy as selecting the monthly plan that is right for you! It has an exceptional up-time record and runs smoothly. Personally I have never experienced a time when my website was down. Not only that, but where I had to go searching for information in other builders, Squarespace keeps everything on the back-end structured and clearly labeled with easy to follow menus.

2. Great for SEO

I love the built-in integrations with google search and the intuitive analytics dashboard that Squarespace offers. Squarespace also includes an SEO tab for each page, so that you can preview how your page will appear in search results and make changes as needed. No need for plugins or extras; it just works!

3. Flexible, Adaptable, Mobile-Friendly

As a designer Squarespace gives me the ability to customize the look of a website for tablets, phones, and desktops seamlessly. I’ve tried other site builders and I’ve just never seen such a smooth and intuitive method to customize a website to meet today’s flexibility demands.

4. Beautiful Modern Websites

Squarespace’s fresh, open templates are constructed on a grid system, which makes it nearly impossible to create an ugly or overwhelming website or to accidentally move text off the side of the page (I’ve seen it all, folks). Their templates are modern, gorgeous, and can easily be customized through their simple wysiwyg interface and/or some CSS. (as a designer, I LOVE how customize-able the templates are and how I can change almost anything I need to with a little code.)
As an added bonus: you can switch templates without having to completely re-build your site!

5. Reasonable Pricing

I won’t lie to you, when compared to some other popular builders out there, Squarespace may seem pricey at first glance, but it is so cleverly designed, so all-inclusive, and so brilliantly intuitive that I have found the cost to be perfectly reasonably. For just $12-$18 a month you can get your domain and hosting set-up, start a blog, create a gorgeous, flexible website that won’t crash, and be primed to expand or even to add an e-shop. Not only that but when you consider that Squarespace is even the preferred platform for companies like Pixar - It’s got the clientele and track record that speaks for itself.