The Strategy to Spice Up Your Brand
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"Find your profitable business idea"
is the 5 day guided tour to:

  • analyze your skills, talents, qualifications, & passions

  • Find your unique product/service offering
    (or discover how to make it unique!)

  • identify your niche

  • discover your industry

  • position yourself for success

This is the no-fluff, no-filler course that is so packed with action items - it comes with it's own workbook!

Find your profitable business idea workbook by Tarragon Studios

it is so easy to get lost
when launching your business & brand

New business owners tend to put all the pieces of their business into separate boxes and
then get lost running from one to the other, while trying to build a viable business.


This compartmentalizing leads to a lot of problems:

  • No guiding strategy or plan for their business

  • Can't utilize strengths and minimize weaknesses

  • Easily distracted by trendy products or marketing tactics

  • Can't bring in a steady stream of clients

  • Can't attract the right clients

  • Continually changing logos/colors/fonts on a whim

Scattered Business Building Diagram by Tarragon Studios, LLC

Entrepreneurs in this situation often feel
overwhelmed, scattered, and inauthentic (or "salesy")

by taking this guided tour

you'll create a strategic map for your business & Brand

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How does this process work?

  • By analyzing what you have to offer, what you are passionate about, and what you are qualified to do, you'll be able to create a resource of business angles, ideas, and options for expansion! - This analysis will also serve as the foundation from which to build your business & branding strategy.

  • Using this self analysis, you'll be able to craft a product offering and ideal client avatar (persona) that you are uniquely suited to communicate to and genuinely help!

  • Once you've established what unique product or service you can offer and what kind of person would most benefit from such an offering, you will be so much more equipped to analyse your industry and design your visual branding.

  • You'll be able to compare your offering to your industry and develop your competitive advantage to really communicate your value to your ideal client.

  • Finally, with all of these elements now connected and flowing from your core strengths, you'll be able to find the right channels to market to your ideal client and craft messages that are on-point and speak directly to their unique needs.


This is the kind of in-depth analysis that I could easily charge for...
but I originally wrote this course just for my mom, to help her launch her business,
she enjoyed it so much I’ve decided to offer it to everyone!


How does this course
help my visual branding?

Too many entrepreneurs try to manifest their visual branding out of an entire world of inspiration and that is just too many options! 

You don't need a brand that appeals to everybody - you need a brand that correctly communicates your competitive advantage to your Ideal Client. 

You need to pull inspiration from brands your audience frequents, your industry, and your own preferences - strategically selecting the elements that will communicate best.


You need to narrow down your inspiration,
so that your brand visuals are crafted from only the most effective cues
- and that's where "Find Your Profitable Business Idea" shines!

Brand Strategy Diagram by Tarragon Studios, LLC

Your brand visuals need context

This course prompts you to do the self-analysis necessary to discover your strengths, so that you can identify your ideal client, and position yourself for success in your industry.

Your visual branding needs to be the result of these 3 areas of context - not the entire world of design inspiration!

If you've been trying to craft a brand you love,
this is the course that will get you the clarity you need


What are you waiting for?


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You'll learn how to:analyze your skills and passions, find your unique product/service, identify your niche & discover your industry This is the no-fluff, no-filler course that is so packed with strategic action items - it even comes with it's own workbook! #smallbusiness #branding #online #blogging #strategy
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