concept to complete

1. Consultation

Once you select "Lets Get Started" and fill out the consultation form, the strategic branding process begins!

You will be contacted to schedule your consultation call and you will receive our in-depth branding questionnaire. This questionnaire collects information about your business, industry, ideal client, desired brand personality, and marketing goals, in addition to any project-specific requirements you have. This is so that we can discuss your specific goals or concerns at that first meeting!

After our consultation call you will receive your design contract that lists your project quote, deliverable's, and timeline. Once you've signed your contract and your deposit has been paid over Paypal, then we are ready to begin the Discovery phase!

2. Discovery

A beautiful logo is worthless if it does not speak to your target audience - in other words - a little bit of market research goes a long way! 

Based on the answers in your questionnaire, we research your industry, competitors, and target audience to establish strategic branding guidelines. To better understand your vision for your brand, we ask that you create an "inspiration board" on pinterest. (don't worry, we will provide you with guidelines to make sure that you pin the right items.)

We also create a secret inspiration board that you do not get to see and after reviewing both boards, create a 3rd final "MoodBoard" and Color pallet that you will get to approve or request changes to. The goal here is to establish a visual guide for your brand and ensure clear communication, so that when you say "classy" or "edgy" we both have the same imagery in mind.

3. Draft

We create dozens of drafts and narrow them down to the best 6 logo sketch options to present to you for your review.

This first round of 6 options will be monochromatic and each logo option will embody a different mix of your brands personality, so that you can see the full breadth of visual options available to your brand.

Up to 3 rounds of revisions are included in both design packages, to narrow down the sketches to select your final design. 

All drafts and documents are uploaded into your own personal secure client portal on Proofhub. You will be able to add comments directly to your designs from anywhere with an internet connection. You will also be able to keep track of your projects status, how many revisions your design has undergone, and receive instant notification when changes are made. 


4. Design

Once we have narrowed down your sketched options to your final logo design choice, we allow for 3 additional rounds of revisions to finalize your logo's variations. Most logo's lend themselves to 2-3 variations (usually a horizontal variation and a circular variation) useful for website or social media profile images and watermarks. Places where the full sized logo would be impractical.

Your final designs will be uploaded to your Proofhub portal for a final round of comments and changes.

Once you are satisfied with your logo, variations, and style guide we will upload your final package with all your design files (.png and vector format) in a .zip file to your ProofHub portal.

For security, all payments are invoiced through paypal and final designs will be sent only after the final payment is received.