You found it!

This website/blog is my resource center, journal and business all rolled into one!

And Who Am I?...

I'm an Irish/Italian East-Coast gal, who moved to the Great State of Texas! (All that means is, I can pahk my cah in havad yahd, while tellin' all y'all to bless yer heart.) I am completely sold-out passionate about my faith, family and design.

I started Tarragon Studios to offer small businesses a one-stop-shop resource center for marketing advice, freebies and web/branding services. It's amazing what a clear brand and decisive marketing can accomplish. There is absolutely no reason why any small business should fade into the background.

Tarragon Studios is your studio - your resource center - just like it is mine.

Here's the Blog Breakdown:

DESIGN - This is where I'll post about recent projects, design advice and small business resources that I love. I'll also share my own giveaways or other fabulous freebies that I have found.

LIFE & TRAVEL - Living in Okinawa, Japan is quite the adventure, but we're also excited to get to travel a bit, so I'll be sharing pictures, stories, and travel advice. This is also where I'll be writing about my two little boys, mom stuff, recipes that I would hate to loose (or new local recipes) and maybe a few DIY's. This one is as varied as the life I lead!

How'd we get to Okinawa? We took the long way...

My husband and I met while I was working on my B.S. at the University of Texas at Dallas and he was working on his at John Brown University in Arkansas. (long distance relationships are tough, y'all)

After we graduated from our respective universities, he joined the Airforce, we got married and moved to Houston, so that he could attend dental school.

While in Houston, he learned about teeth and I had our two little boys.

Not gonna lie, dental school was rough! He had long days, long nights and long weekends; I was raising two babies (our boys are 15 months apart) while working from home; and we were crammed into a 770 sq ft apartment that we paid waaay to much for. 

Graduation day was a welcome break, but not for long. Shortly after they placed the diploma in his hand, he was off to OTC (officer's training camp) and I was moving my two little boys from Houston, to Ohio to meet him a couple months later at his first active duty station. 

It's been ten years since I first met my husband and I can safely say there's no one I'd rather be on this crazy adventure with! After only a year in Ohio we were so thrilled to be sent to the beautiful island of Okinawa, Japan.

We survived the 24+ hr travel time to get to Okinawa, but only just barely... You can read all about that adventure here: How to Survive International Travel with Toddlers